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Tamarak Equestrian

The history, the philosophy, and the people involved

Full Board - $1200/month + HST

Includes: Training sessions and/or lessons, customized program, box stall, daily turnout individually or in small groups, quality grain 2x daily, supplements given (at owner's expense), and blanketing. More training sessions/lessons can be added for an additional fee if desired.

Consignment Board - $1200/month + HST

Includes: Training rides, videos, photos, box stall, daily turnout individually or in small groups, quality grain 2x daily, supplements given (at owner's expense), and blanketing. Will be included on our website, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as a customized listing on BigEq (at owner's expense). Horse/pony will be properly maintained, prepared, and presented for any trials. We charge 15% commission on all sales/leases OR a flat rate of 3k, whichever is greater.

Tamarak Equestrian aims to find talented hunter prospects, polish them, and match them up with the right rider. We are always watching the market carefully and if we don’t currently have what you are looking for, we gladly offer our services to help you find it. Though located in Ontario, our horses and ponies both come from and go to other provinces and the US. We search only for A circuit quality and potential at a wide variety of price points. Our training and sales grads have earned ribbons at top shows all over North America, including the Royal Winter Fair, USEF Pony Finals, WIHS, Devon, and HITS.

Tamarak Equestrian believes in taking the time to properly develop both pony and rider, with an emphasis on a quality foundation transitioning to show ring success. We believe every horse is different and deserves a personalized program and one-on-one attention, so we keep our numbers manageable and tailor our approach to each athlete (both human and equine), their temperament, and goals.

Though Tamarak Equestrian is a relatively new endeavor, the Traver family has been involved with horses for over 25 years, from the schooling level all the way to the A circuit. Tamarak Equestrian is based out of Dream Quest Stables in Smithville, ON.​ Our current Tamarak Equestrian junior riders are Avery Phelan, and Kate Lennon-Davey.

If you're interested in working with us or coming to see any of our available horses and ponies, please feel free to contact us.


Kelly and Beau Soleil, Royal Winter Fair, Junior working hunter
Kelly an Kelpie at Caledon Equestrian Park, large pony hunter
Kelly and Crown Ridge Hallmark, Caledon Equestrian Park, silver series
Kelly Traver

Head Coach and Trainer


As a junior, Kelly worked her way through the ranks from schooling shows right up to the A circuit, first in the pony hunters and then in the children’s and junior working hunter divisions. During this time, Kelly was coached by some of the top A circuit trainers, including Dee and Scott Walker and Wayne McLellan, and earned 4 appearances at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, 2 consecutive RAWF reserve championships, 2 RAWF class wins, and a win at medal finals.


As an amateur, Kelly briefly returned to the trillium and A circuits and before deciding to change directions and begin developing green ponies. Since then, she has benefitted from working with Olivia Golden, Mark Hayes and Jackie Tattersall. Kelly also spent several years on the executive committee for the Brock Equestrian team and competed with them at both OCEA and IHSA shows. She now volunteers her time on the OHJA communications and hunter committees, and is always looking for opportunities to be more involved in the sport.

Kelly is soft and patient and particularly excels in handling anxious horses and ponies, as well as riders who struggle with their confidence. She has a minor in psychology, which she integrates into her teaching and training approach, and is currently taking an equine psychology course. Kelly believes in an individualistic approach to both her students and their equine partners and takes the time to develop not only their skills, but their overall understanding. She is EC registered and working on her certificaiton.

Kingsland Royal Winter Fair
Ellah Dubeau-Kielty

Mentor and Rider

Ellah has been with us from her days in the small pony hunters right through to the present. Ellah is a hardworking and extremely versatile rider who quickly adapts to a variety of horse types and sizes. She is a triple threat who can ride all 3 rings well. She is confident and brave, and has a knack for getting lead changes on even the trickiest rides. Ellah has competed everywhere from local trillium shows to the Royal Winter Fair and USEF Pony Finals, in everything from the small ponies right up to U25 and 2* Grand Prix. She is always there to give our younger riders a helping hand and share her knowledge.


Kingsland medium pony hunter at CaledonEquestrian Park
Avery Phelan


Before joining us, Avery had shown to much success in the small pony division on both the A circuit and Trillium, and competed at the Royal Winter Fair with her pony in 2017. Avery is a quick study and very adaptable. She helped bring along a small green for us in 2019 and had a short, yet successful, season with Kingsland in 2020, developed a large green in 2021, and in 2022 earned a clean sweep at Silver Playoffs with King in the medium pony hunters. Inquire for catch riding.

Debbie anad Sydney at Caledon Equestrian Park
Debbie Traver

Owner and Barn Manager

Debbie brings a background in accounting and retail, as well as previous entrepreneurial pursuits - including her successful business Gold Medal Skatewear from Kelly’s days as a figure skater.

Debbie is committed to the business side of Tamarak Equestrian as her top priority and oversees the day-to-day operation of the business, organizes logistics and scheduling, and manages all of our social media.

As a show mom and former rider herself, Debbie understands what the riders, parents, and ponies need to feel confident and competition ready.

Kate and Halle, Caledon silver series
Kate Lennon-Davey


Kate is the newest member of the Tamarak team, having just joined us this summer to help with Crown Ridge Hallmark and Kingsland. Kate is a soft yet firm and positive rider who has already begun gathering experience in all 3 rings. In addition to qualifying for Silver Playoffs in both the jumpers and the hunters this year, Kate was also champion of the small pony division at Trillium Championships. For 2022, Kate will be helping develop our small greens at the silver and possibly some gold shows. Inquire for catch riding.

Bedford Jones brand associate
Bedford Jones

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