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2022 Roundup

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Tamarak Equestrian! In BIG news for us, the new year will be bringing a NEW LOCATION! We will be operating our own facility with an opening date of February 1. Stalls available for show, training, and sales clients, and we will be offering a few select spots for lesson students.

The second half of our show season saw many ups and downs, but we were proud of how all of the horses and ponies on our team matured and grew this season. Halle finished out the year strong, and following playoffs, Parker joined us at the home barn to begin preparations for his under saddle training.

Harlequin finished in the top 10 and qualified for playoffs in all 3 of her divisions. In an unfortunate twist, her owner Elena was unable to show her, so Kelly and Tamarak rider Sydney Brousseau stepped in to help. Quinn earned ribbons in every division, including a placing in every class of the hack division. She handled the last minute rider change and chaos of playoffs in an impressive manner, and we are excited to see what next year brings for her. Sydney also earned a ribbon finish in the jumpers on her own mount, Hey Jude.

Lastly, congratulations go out to the Linde family on the purchase of our beloved Kingsland! As hard as it was to let him go, we are so happy he has such a wonderful new home with people who love him as much as we do. Good luck at the gold shows next year!

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