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Welcome to 2024!

With show season upon us and a rebranding of our business, it's time to jump start this blog again! Welcome to a new season with Tamarak Equestrian. We currently have 2 stalls available for show or training clients who want to build confidence, develop a rideable and successful horse, and experience the value of an individualized program where you and your horse are not just a number.

Our small but mighty team have already started off the season with a bang at Silver Central 1, with all of our partnerships (some BRAND new) bringing home multiple ribbons in big classes, having lots of laughs, and remembering why we love to horse show! We could not have asked for a better debut for any of these combos and can't wait to see what the rest of the circuit has in store for them.

Pictured are Sydney Brousseau and Hey Jude in their first 0.80m, and Kate Lennon-Davey and Brystal Evergreen (in partnership with Mapleway Farms) in their first show together.

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