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October/November Roundup 2018

October was a relatively quiet month for us, but full of hard work. We attended the Blackout Gala hosted by Angelstone Tournaments, where Kingsland received the award for circuit champion of the medium pony hunters, and Ellah Dubeau-Kielty was awarded the well-deserved honour of Pony Rider of the Year! The following weeks, however, were dominated by Royal prep and off-property schooling for King. At the beginning of November he attended the Royal Winter Fair for the second time, where he improved on his performance from last year by jogging in the second trip with Ellah and placing second in the under saddle with Julia Hudon. We also had the privilege of watching Ellah compete in her first JC Medal Final at the Royal aboard Cupidon. Despite a poorly timed fire alarm, she put in an amazing trip and went on to nail the flat phase and ride off for a third place finish. A big thank you to Mark Hayes and the team from Kestrel Farms for making sure our Royal ran as smoothly as possible. Now after a short rest, it's back to the grind for the whole Tamarak clan.

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