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Fall/Winter Roundup 2020/2021

It's been a relatively quiet fall and winter for us at Tamarak Equestrian, with no shows to attend and limited lessons. That being said, some congratulations are in order! We congratulate Elena Grande on the purchase of her first horse, Quinn. Thanks to Jackie Tattersall for helping us make this match. We also congratulate Avery Phelan on the lease of Nash, a large green from Misty Morning Farms. Both youngsters are proving to be quiet, smart, and willing, and we are excited to watch these partnerships develop! We recently welcomed a new young rider, Maizie, to the team and she is currently working with Kingsland until he is sold or leased. Morton's Party Kat arrived home from her broodmare duties and has been started back to work, and she will be marketed for sale shortly. Lastly, we are excited to announce that we will be attending the Silver Series (Central) at Caledon Equestrian Park this year! If you are interested in showing with us, don't hesitate to get in touch. Gold shows are also still an option for interested parties.

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